stylistic critique of Sheikh Ahmad Waeli's social poems (Linguistic analysis)

Document Type : علمی - پژوهشی


University of Tehran


Stylistics is one of the branches of literary critique that use linguistic and rhetoric in text analysis, and in the critical and literary examination, it relies on the three main elements of the text, the author, and the audience. This research that based on structuralist stylistics, seeks to discover the hidden linguistic angles of Sheikh Ahmad Wa'eli's social poetry and from this perspective his poems have been explored at the phonetic, lexical, and syntactic levels in a descriptive-analytical manner. The results of this study show that the poet has flourished the music of his poems by using light and volatile weights as well as using a lot of effort and it rarely goes out of the scales, At the same time, the repetition of words and phrases, and especially the words of harbinger, has harmonized his speech. At the lexical level, the poet tries to remind the Muslims of the greatness of the past by calling on the past heritage. In addition, Inspired by nature, his poems are dynamic and fluent. At the syntactic level, too, the poet has tried to make the best use of the various functions of nominal and current sentences and in many poems, it eliminates harbinger 's speech.