Journal of Critique of Arabic Literature is a double-blind peer-reviewed article with open access published by Shahid Beheshti University.

After receiving an official license from "the Commission for reviewing the validity of scientific journals" on October 21st, 2012, this article aims to create an intellectual environment for national and international scholars focusing on Arabic Literature. This journal is published, addressing the progress in Arabic Literature, and aims to publish high-quality articles related to the findings in the Arabic Literature field.

This journal is acting under the supervision of the editorial board and "the Commission for reviewing the validity of scientific journals". Every subject related to the Arabic language and literature can be included in the research domain of the journal.

We hope that all authors, knowing the scope of the journal, will help the editorial board in selecting research articles so that they can obtain the ISI index in the future.

Access to all articles is free and open to all.

Notes for Authors:

  1. Average reviewing time: 90 days.
  2. This journal is subject to Cope International Law on plagiarism and deals with violators based on international law. Instructions
  3. The cost of publication is 3,500,000 Rials (1,000,000 Rials at the time of fast judment and 2,500,000 Rials at the time of publishing the article).
  4. The Journal of Critique of Arabic Literature is exempt from accepting articles by students and master's graduate students. For doctoral students and graduates, it is unrestricted only with the cooperation and responsibility of faculty members.

  5. Note: Articles by undergraduate M.Ed. and graduates will be accepted if at least one of the authors is a professor.
  6. Journal of Critique of Arabic Literature is licensed under a " Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY)
  7. Having an ORCID identifier is mandatory for all authors. You can register at

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