Description of Nature, Another Motif for other Traditional Themes in the Poetry of ‎Ibn Khafaja Andalusi‎

Document Type : علمی - پژوهشی


1 Assistant Professor of Arabic Language and Literature, University of Mazandaran‎

2 Lecturer of Arabic Language and Literature, Yasuoj University

3 Professor of Arabic Language and Literature, Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz


"Description" is one of the prominent poetic techniques, which many poets have employed in their poetry. Characterozed by personality traits such as having a keen power of imagination, deep sentiments, rich emotions and a gentle spirit, Ibn Khafajah was attracted to nature, and as a result, description of nature is a much frequent theme in his poetry. This paper relies on the descriptive-anayltical methodology in an attempt to examine ‘description of nature’ not only as a traditional theme, but also as a motif for other traditional themes in the poetry of Ibn Khafaja. The results of this study show that description of nature is a literary technique that has helped the poet to convey thoughts, feelings and emotions. He has used the literary device of personification as the basis of his poetry and, in this way, has created vibrant and dynamic descriptions. Attention to details, the harmony between the poem, images and their intrinsic cohesion, writing engaging opening lines to arrest the attention of the reader, and attenton to colors are the prominent features that characterize Ibn Khafaja's poetic imagery, all of which add to the richness and beauty of his descriptions. His poetry is a valuable work that boasts of vocabulary on nature and this can been clearly seen in his poems, words, and descriptions of nature.