Painting elements in Susanna Alivan's Mayafoghalvasf

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The study of the elements of painting is one of the interdisciplinary themes of comparative literature and with the advent of the American school in contemporary literary research , but this axis has been less welcomed despite numerous research areas. It should be noted that many poets have a penultimate approach And in fact they draw and paint with words instead of poetry . This process is very important in poetry of poets who are also painters in addition to the poetry profession. In the contemporary Arabic literature, the poets who have these two professions are not few. The most prominent figure in the Arabic poetry of the late period is Susan Aliwan, a contemporary poet and painter who is a poet of the nineteenth century. He has used many painting techniques. And there is a lot of solidarity between his paintings and His poems. As if he was painted with wax and color in his poetry books . Therefore, his poetry is a ground for the multiplicity of painting elements. This research uses a descriptive-analytic method to study the elements of painting in poetry Susan Aliwan. The result of the research shows; Susan Alywan in his poem has used various painting elements such as color, framing, symmetry and mirroring, objectivity and static. This is evident in the titles and sections of the poem of Alivan's Mayafoghalvasf.