Sociological criticism of Behtari's poem "Description of Wolf" according to Hippolyt Ten

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Associate Professorof Kashan University


Sociological criticism by study of literature in historical and social context, is always seeking to hear artist's clamor. As literary work is a part of superstructural forms of society, the critic beside the text should pay attention to the environment of text. In "Description of Wolf" poem which is a conjoint whole, "Behtari" the artful and adroit poet who was very influential in the society has depicted dialectic relations of Abbasi society in those days.
Therefore authors in this essay are going to sociologically criticize this poem by using descriptive-analytic method according to "Hippolyt Ten". Results of this study suggest that in this poem, Behtary has used topical equivalent to illustrate his own fillings and emotions. He has artfully and magically described historical and social concepts. This composed has totemistic layers and gray wolf is a symbol of Torks who played most important role in Abbasi society at those days. Using this kind of criticism hidden issues behind the text can be expressed and silent parts of that can be forced to speak to achieve the worldview of folk which is poverty, destitution, war and struggle of existence.