Symbols of resistance in the poetry of Mohammad Helmi al-Risheh

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Resistance literature is the echo of the voices of libertarians seeking liberation from the clutches of aggressor. The Israeli occupation of Palestine played a significant role in the emergence of this type of literature, And made poetry the manifestation of the cry of committed human beings. Hence, poets have used resistance as the basis of their poems. Mohammad Helmi al-Risheh (1958), a well-known Palestinian poet, is one of the most committed poets who has reflected his outcry in poetry. In his poem, he attacks those who have the seal of silence on their lips, And intends to stir up the nationalist sentiments of the people and persuade them to overthrow the evil shadow of the occupiers.The present study intends to rely on the descriptive-analytical method to analyze the symbols of resistance of the poet and to recount the most important type of symbols of resistance in her poetry.The results show that the poet has instilled his resounding voice of oppression by borrowing symbols - often in the light of structural symbols and sub-symbols - and it was achieved that the sub-symbols that the poet In the light of the symbol of nature, it has been used more frequently. Another is that the poet, in using some symbols, such as giving a negative semantic load to apples and clouds, has broken the rules and created an inverted interpretation of the symbols.