Reading of appearance of time in Sayyiedat el-Qamar novel of Jokha Al-harti

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As of outstanding indicators of contemporary narrative texts is the function of complicated narrative techniques in it. As in first reading of these novels, Addressee become astray in involute corridor of the novel and even misunderstand Sayyiedat el-Qamar novel of Jokha Al-harti is a vivid example of these novels. After reading the first pages of novel, Addressee understand. He accost with multilayer opus that for entrée to its world he-as the second agent of text-should carry awareness light and by putting together the different parts of that novel he can enter its world. Deals with the narrative structures and especially the temporal techniques of this novel. The choice of this subject was important for the authors because Al-harti has cultivated this element with great care and scrutiny, an element which the French theorist Gerard Genette has studied with great care. Therefore, we decided to analyze this component in the novel based on Genet's theory of narrative theory. Studies have shown that: by putting plan of narrative in nonlinear framework and using techniques such as anachronies and stream of consciousness, the author could create a modern multiple novel. According to her goals At this novel was used a constant written quontity for declaration of issues. Frequent frequency used more than other frequencies, Continual frequency became the genre depiction of the author.


Volume 10, Issue 21 - Serial Number 21
December 2020
Pages 99-124
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