A study of the novel “Al-Hariq” by Muhammad Deeb in the light of Lucien Goldman’s theory of structuralism

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1 Qom University

2 Farhangian University (Department of Arabic Language, College of Arts), Iran,

3 University of Tehran (Department of Arabic Language, Faculty of Arts), Iran,



Literary sociology or the sociology of literature is one of the new trends that have emerged in the field of literature and seeks to study the relationship between literature and society. Based on the descriptive analytical method, this article has targeted a sociological study of the novel “Al-Hariq” by Mohamed Dib, the contemporary Algerian writer, according to this theory. In this regard, elements of the semantic contexts of the novel are studied, such as knowledge of current and potential awareness of characters, problematic hero, and individual awareness. The point worth noting was that the characters of the novel did not transform throughout the novel and that their current consciousness did not transform into possible consciousness. At the end, must be said that Mohamed Dib has excelled in presenting the social picture of Algeria, and drawing the semantic contexts of the novel, which appeared in the social and political levels of the novel from the extreme poverty of the Algerian people due to the oppression of the French, the fatal cultural weakness, people’s efforts to change the situation and other social and political contexts that It influenced Muhammad Deeb and caused the writing of this wonderful novel.
Keywords: Sociological study, structuralism, the contemporary Arabic novel, Muhammad Deeb, Al-Hariq.


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