Reading the semiotics of Jassem Alsahih's poem (Case of study: "Vatan Le Asma Mosharad")

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1 Arabic Language Literature, Faculty of Literature, University of Tehran

2 professor of Tehran University



The word Semiology was first used by Ferdinand Saussure. He considers the sign as a concept that has two sides. Those two sides are the signifier and signified. This theory was then given another meaning by other linguists such as Peirce. Later on, the semiotics in poetry was used by Jacobsen for the First time as a method of analysis. Following Jacobsen, Riffattere's expanded semiotics in poetry. He goes so far that He criticized Jacobsen theory. Giving it a new prospect. Riffattere's theory of semiotics is one of the theories used in the analysis of poetry. According to this theory, poetry is a set of signs that can only make sense together. This theory was first proposed in the 20th century by Riffattere in his book Semiotics of Poetry. Since the arrangement of words in poetry, unlike ordinary speech, does not have special order and rules, and deeper concepts are hidden behind their surface, the theory of Riffattere first relies on linguistic ability to examine the interest between words then with the help of the literary ability, it clarifies the actual meaning behind the poetry. In this article, first, the basic concepts of Riffattere's theory are described, and then the theory is applied in Vatan Le Asma Mosharad. This study was conducted based on descriptive-analytical method using library resources.


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