Critical analysis of Schools of literary and critical with Arabs and Westerners by Shokri Ayad

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This article introduces the structure and content book " Schools of literary and critical with Arabs and Westerners " doctor Mohammad Shokri Ayad effect, and this effect with respect to the components defined as, logical consistency, the originality of the subject, references and scientific impartiality is not good and it can be seen very weak.Book your doctor, Mohammad Shokri Ayad As mentioned in the introduction, the author also not be used But this kind of approach can be said author and even a kind of "interpretation" of literary schools and between schools cash and cash not only to the classical and romantic realism, and not all schools, as a book that introduces comparative literary Arabic and Western schools paid cash it considered, because the author points out in the introduction to the philosophical aspects of the three schools mentioned in this book is presented for analysis. Necessary to deal with this book, can be philosophical aspects of analytical and literary schools, it was noted that underreport And the goal of this paper is to describe the philosophical schools and providing researchers with the book and the author approaches in this field.


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