Research in the narrative of (the narratee in the novel ALTantoura “by Radwa Ashour

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buali sian university


Analysis of the audience indicator for understanding the form and how the events of the story is to inspire a new concept to the audience. This area of knowledge has progressed to the point that it can be as a scientific branch, be evaluated. Altantoura novels, works of Radwa Ashour, contemporary Egyptian writer that due to the potential, the potential and specific techniques narrative choices for each suitable for studies of numerous narrative. By multiple narrators and different focal reported. Discrete-time events and also in addressing the perceived limitations narrator (first person) has caused the story, by multiple narrators and different focal reported. Obviously, each of the narrator (the story) for the creation of its narrative, its own narrate calls Audience, Contact stories, from both outside and inside the province, This research is descriptive-analytic methods to examine the characteristics of the narrator and narratee attention. With the understanding of those elements, the field of deep understanding of text and method for creation of meaning of the text be provided.


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January 2019
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